Bug#638769: xorg: Memory leak in X

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Sun Aug 21 18:29:29 UTC 2011

tags 638769 + upstream moreinfo

Hi Heikki,

> Heikki Aitakangas <ornedan at gmail.com> (21/08/2011):
>> X takes large amounts of memory when certain programs are run - so far
>> reproduced with Iceweasel 5.0-6, did not occur with previous version
>> from testing, which was 3.something. This memory does not get released
>> when the program ends that the memory's allocation correlated with the
>> running of.
>> xrestop does not show any program using anywhere near as much memory
>> as the X server itself does. For example, at the moment of writing X
>> is at 2.3G virtual of which 2GB resident, but xrestop shows a 46481K
>> total.

Please have a look at bug #599769 "the xorg server consumes ram without
freeing it whilst using a 3d application"

Is this the same problem you are experiencing?

This is not a packaging related problem, but an issue in the proprietary
driver itself, so the Debian NVIDIA Maintainers can't fix this. Please
have a look at the NVIDIA forum and see if your problem has been
reported there already.
Otherwise you should report the problem directly to NVIDIA, following
NVIDIA's bug reporting instructions:


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