nvidia driver built with binutils-gold on displays black screen

Jonathan Nieder jrnieder at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 23:59:57 UTC 2011

reassign 617391 nvidia-graphics-drivers 260.19.44-1

Hi Nick,

nick black wrote:

> Hello. I installed binutils-gold this morning (alongside the recent gcc 4.5
> upgrade), and set about compiling a new kernel (I can attach the
> ..config if you think there's anything relevant there). It linked and booted
> fine. I then built the 260.19.44 NVIDIA kernel module, which similarly linked
> and loaded without problems. Upon starting X, however, I get nothing but an
> unzappable black screen. This extended back over several versions of the
> driver, and to pristine 2.6.37. Removing binutils-gold and rebuilding
> + 260.19.44 generated wholly working objects.
> Let me know what I can provide to assist. Thanks!

That very well might be a binutils-gold bug, but it's not currently phrased
as one.  The kernel module could be making incorrect assumptions about
the layout of the object file, for example.

Hence reassigning.  Please feel free to reassign back once it is clear
how gold is misbehaving.


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