Bug#612136: nvidia-graphics-drivers: New certified upstream release 260.19.36 available

Christof Bruyland christof at cyberox.be
Sun Feb 6 09:43:19 UTC 2011

Package: nvidia-graphics-drivers
Version: 260.19.36
Severity: normal

Updated the NVIDIA kernel module to ensure that all system memory allocated by it for use with GPUs or within user-space components of the NVIDIA driver stack is initialized to zero. A new NVIDIA kernel module option, InitializeSystemMemoryAllocations, allows administrators to revert to the previous behavior.
Fixed a bug that caused X servers version 1.9 and higher to crash when color index overlays were enabled.
Fixed a bug that caused pixel value 255 to be treated as transparent in color index overlays.

Will the debian package be updated to this new release?

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