n-g-d post-squeeze plans

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Wed Feb 9 12:45:44 UTC 2011


what are our plans for n-g-d to now that squeeze has been released?

Do we want to try to make a security update for 195xx
#609338: cuda: uninitialized memory infoleak
Someone sent a link to the upstream patch, but I didn't try it, yet.

I can try to prepare a minimal 195.36.31-7 with the security fix. I'd
like to keep the README updates and the bug script updates currently in
-7, the manpage can be postponed to -8. Would this be OK for a squeeze

Before uploading 260.xx to unstable I'd like to cherry-pick the general
packaging changes into 195.36.31-8, so that they can be merged into the
legacy variants.

We can update 260xx in experimental in the meantime, but first we need
nvidia-common uploaded to experimental (or better directly to unstable,
since squeeze is out and it won't break the packages currently in unstable).

What are our long term goals for wheezy?
* use debconf to create /etc/X11/xorg.conf (or another way of
* allow parallel installation of n-g-d, n-g-d-legacy-*, fglrx
* ...

We wanted to provide squeeze-backports of the current drivers (once we
have 260xx+ in unstable/testing) - what has to be done for this?

How regularily do we want to update the prebuilt modules for the kernel
in unstable?


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