Bug#614230: #614230: nvidia-glx uninstallable

Roland Stigge stigge at debian.org
Tue Feb 22 13:43:47 UTC 2011

On 02/22/2011 02:37 PM, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
>> nv.c: 1727: error: implicit declaration of function NV_PCI_DISABLE_DEVICE
> Can't reproduce this with squeeze and sid amd64 kernels.
> Did you run
>   m-a clean nvidia
> first?
> Please post the full log from m-a and the full m-a command line you used
> (and everything that can be helpful to reproduce the problem).

Oops - now that I worked around it by using DKMS, it now also works with
m-a. Can't reproduce the problem anymore. It's fine for now. But when
someone comes back with a similar issue, we at least have a starting



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