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(new) nvidia-common_20110213+1.dsc optional contrib/misc
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(new) nvidia-common_20110213+1_i386.deb optional contrib/misc
NVIDIA binary graphics driver support files
 This package contains support files needed for all Debian packages of
 NVIDIA graphics drivers and related software.  It takes care that no old
 installation of the drivers that was done with the nvidia-installer
 remains on the system as this will conflict with the packages drivers.
 Furthermore using the nvidia-installer to install a new version of the
 drivers is prevented as long as this package is installed.
  to contrib/n/nvidia-common/nvidia-kernel-common_20110213+1_i386.deb
Changes: nvidia-common (20110213+1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Andreas Beckmann ]
  * Rename source package to nvidia-common.
  * Add debconf/po-debconf infrastructure to interactively resolve conflicts
    with previous usage of the nvidia-installer.
  * Add nvidia-common package that cleans up old installations that were done
    using nvidia-installer and prevents using nvidia-installer again.  Using
    nvidia-installer and Debian packages at the same time does not work.
  * The nvidia-common package is intended to be added to the Pre-Depends of
    most other nvidia-graphics-drivers packages, including the legacy drivers,
    nvidia-settings and nvidia-xconfig.
  * When configuring nvidia-common check for /usr/bin/nvidia-installer and ask
    the user whether to run 'nvidia-installer --uninstall'.  If that fails,
    offer to just delete the remaining files.  If the user chooses to do the
    cleanup himself, the configuration fails as long as nvidia-installer is
    still found on the system, blocking installation of nvidia-glx and related
  * Install a pre-install hook for the nvidia-installer, giving a warning to
    users running a NVIDIA-Linux-*.run file directly while Debian packages
    providing the driver are installed.  This hook fails intentionally, but
    unfortunately the default choice if the hook failed is to continue anyway.
    Therefore try to kill the nvidia-installer process.
  * Add to nvidia-common the new script check-for-conflicting-opengl-libraries
    to be called from the postinst of nvidia-glx{,-legacy-*} to clean up
    conflicting ancient copies of the OpenGL libraries.  ldconfig usually
    picks up these old variants and breaks the libGL.so.* symlinks.
    (Currently the conflicting libraries are moved to
    /var/lib/nvidia-backup.XXXXXX instead of deleting them.)
  * nvidia-kernel-common.postinst: run update-initramfs -u to activate
    blacklisting of nouveau module.  (Closes: #613951)
  * nvidia-kernel-common.postrm: run update-initramfs -u after purging to
    remove the nouveau blacklisting from the initrd.
  * Switch to debhelper 8.1 to get support for package.maintscript files.

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