Bug#612956: nvidia-glx requires xorg-video-abi-8.0 but new xserver-xorg-core, provides xorg-video-abi-8

Gary Kramlich grim at reaperworld.com
Tue Feb 22 20:06:10 UTC 2011

On 02/22/2011 01:31 PM, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Gary Kramlich<grim at reaperworld.com>  writes:
>> That's pretty much what mine looks like, except that I'm in a disjoint
>> setup.  No xinerama/dualview.
> Yeah, I'm the same way.  I hate Xinerama.
> I'm probably going to have the same problem that you have, then -- I
> haven't upgraded this particular system to 1.7 yet.  (So my solution
> wasn't a "this works with 1.7 solution," but just a stab in the dark in
> the hope that it was something simple.)
What's going to be more run is that my workstation at home is a 
trimonitor setup, same problem, so as long as I don't exit X i'll be 
fine for now :)

Anyways, I just purged everything I installed manually and am 
reinstalling from the repo now.  I follow up on the results shortly.

Gary Kramlich

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