Bug#609338: cuda: uninitialized memory infoleak

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Sun Jan 23 17:08:00 UTC 2011

reassign 609338 nvidia-graphics-drivers 260.19.26

# I assume this affects all older driver versions which support
# CUDA 2.2 or later, too.
found 609338 195.36.31-1
found 609338 260.19.21-1
found 609338 185.18.14-1


On 2011-01-08 13:54, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> it has been disclosed that there is an infoleak in the nvidia cuda
> drivers [0].  the write-up doesn't have any details, so i couldn't check
> whether the debian package is affected or not.
> [0] http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/515591/30/0/threaded

I couldn't check either, but I assume that we are affected, too.
This is a driver issue and should be fixed in 260.19.36 [1]. Reassigning
to the driver package.


[1] <http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-260.19.36-driver.html>

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