Bug#611425: nvidia-kernel-2.6.32-5-amd64: Installing nvidia driver silences bell

Joe Riel joer at san.rr.com
Sat Jan 29 20:39:07 UTC 2011

On Sat, 29 Jan 2011 20:29:15 +0100
Andreas Beckmann <debian at abeckmann.de> wrote:

> On 2011-01-29 19:34, Joe Riel wrote:
> > Did so.  Installation seemed to go okay.  But upon rebooting 
> > X would not come up.  Attached are the relevant logs, 
> > with extension .exp
> Xorg didn't even try to load the nvidia driver - how does your
> /etc/X11/xorg.conf look like? Did you change it? Do you have an
> Xorg.?.log from the configuration directly before you switched to
> experimental? I.e. using the nvidia driver from testing.

No, I was using the nouveau driver, which doesn't use an xorg.conf.
When I previously installed the nvidia driver I believe it 
created an appropriate xorg.conf.  I didn't check this time and have
since purged nvidia, so cannot immediately verify.  
Do I need to install something else to generate the xorg.conf?  
I can hand create it (it's simple enough), but that shouldn't be

Joe Riel

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