Bug#611452: xserver-xorg-core: switching to linux console leaves screen blank

Diederik de Haas didi.debian at cknow.org
Sun Jan 30 16:23:03 UTC 2011

On Sunday 30 January 2011 17:09:07 Carsten Allefeld wrote:
> Btw., is there a better way to quickly pull in a package from experimental
> &  its dependencies? I know there is apt-pinning, but I don't want to
> litter my package information cache with all the experimental packages
> just to briefly try out a few of them.

I installed the nvidia driver by just installing nvidia-kernel-dkms (make sure kernel headers are 
installed and probably build-essential) with aptitude (maybe other pkg managers will work as well, 
but I always use aptitude).
So the command would then become "aptitude install -t experimental nvidia-kernel-dkms"

my current /etc/xorg.conf is al follows:
Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"
        Driver          "nvidia"


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