Bug#640814: nvidia-glx not installable

Andrea Veri and at debian.org
Thu Sep 8 15:30:28 UTC 2011

On Wed, 07 Sep 2011, Andreas Beckmann wrote:

> You should have noticed some package conflict/removal/... before the
> upgrade ... apt-get/aptitude would have told you that.

I unfortunately noticed those too late.
> xserver-xorg-core in unstable only provides xorg-video-abi-11, the NEW
> abi, that is not compatible with the nvidia driver. But the driver works
> fine with the older xserver-xorg-core from testing and squeeze.

I tried to downgrade xserver-xorg-core to 1.10.4-1 (package from 
testing) but I am still unable to set up nvidia drivers and dkms 
correctly. Apt-get still reports me unment dependencies errors as 
reported on this pastebin. [1] (yes, it's italian, but I'm sure you'll 
understand its output. That's what apt-get reports me when I try to 
install 'xserver-xorg-video-nvidia' or 'nvidia-kernel-dkms', it then 
asks me to run apt-get -f install and that will get back the updated 
xserver-xorg-core package 1.11.x series) 
> An additional dependency on xserver-xorg-core wouldn't have helped
> without abi support.

sure, but consider fixing that when the ABI issue will be fixed.
> nvidia does not yet support Xorg Xserver 1.11. Stay with
> xserver-xorg-core 1.10.x from testing until they fix this.

See above. Nvidia drivers are totally unusable at the moment.



[1] http://paste.debian.net/128861/
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