Bug#695136: opencl-headers: Include AMD extensions in opencl-headers

Vincent Danjean vdanjean at debian.org
Tue Dec 4 14:46:31 UTC 2012

Package: opencl-headers
Version: 1.2-2012.04.18a-1
Severity: normal


  Members of the Khronos group take care toguether to not use the same ID, in
particular for extensions. Released Khronos headers include these vendor
extensions (for example CL_DEVICE_PROFILING_TIMER_OFFSET_AMD in cl_ext.h).
  However, these extensions are not always included (or they are but too late).

  In particular, AMD has some extensions that are not present in the current
headers (even the last released one that are not packaged yet). This leads
to difficulties for people that want to compile OpenCL programs for AMD
plate-form using opencl-headers (see #695112). Current packaging of AMD OpenCL
(in non-free) do not repackage AMD headers. Instead, they depend on

  We have several possibilities:
[A] include AMD (and other verndors) extensions into opencl-headers
  AMD SDK packaging can still depend on opencl-headers
[B] let opencl-headers be the official, unmodified Khronos headers
  This will imply that AML headers must be packaged:
  [B1] at the same place (with Replace/Conflict)
  [B2] with other name
  [B3] into another directory (with the same name)

B1 should be avoided if possible (will lead to complexity when other
  vendors also have extensions)
B2 imply that user program sources must be modified (to include the
  new header names such as "amd-opencl.h")
B3 imply that compiler must use a correct -I option

  Knowing the OpenCL (with ICD) have been designed to allow multiple
runtime OpenCL implementations at run-time (with fundamental problems
from my point of view) and that the Khronos group try hard to avoid header
conflict, I would push for the [A] solution.

  If you agree, I prepared a patch (probably to add with quilt into
the debian package, in order to clearly separate it from the plain
Khronos headers) that apply to the last Khonos headers (ie not the
one in the current package, see #695124) and that adds the missing
AMD extensions.


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