recommended selection of nvidia packages for debian-live

Daniel Baumann daniel.baumann at
Wed Dec 12 10:24:59 UTC 2012

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starting with wheezy, we'll be providing two sets of images, the regular 
ones, and the unofficial ones.

the unofficial ones have non-free enabled and will contain firmware plus 
the fglrx and nvidia drivers.

for nvidia, i've come up with the following 'useful' package selection:

   nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel-dkms
   nvidia-settings xserver-xorg-video-nvidia
   nvclock nvidia-xconfig

am i missing anything usefull here? what about nvidia-vdpau-driver and 

the idea is to have a complete image supporting 3d hw acceleration in as 
many as possible use-cases out of the box (it's a live system, after 
all) for those gpus supported by the current nvidia driver.


PS: same goes for fglrx, if you happen to now the resonable selection 
there, i'd be grateful to know that too. currently we have fglrx-driver, 
fglrx-driver-dkms and fglrx-control.

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