Nvidia-glx and Testing

Berillions berillions at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 21:59:51 UTC 2012


I noticed that the bugs #676723 #685054 and #686033 are closed because a
solution was found to fix the problem on Debian Unstable.
But, for Debian Wheezy, which is the solution to have 32Bits Opengl
supports (for wine for exemple) ?

Like libxvmcnvidia1 is only available for the moment on Unstable, i
installed Nvidia packages with :

> aptitude install nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel-dkms nvidia-glx-ia32 ia32-libs

Result : Impossible to play with Wine, the OpenGL problem still exist. Only
solution which i found to fix my problem is to install nvidia package from

The question is not for me but new Debian users :
How they'll do to install nvidia graphic driver if it's impossible with
Wheezy and if they don't use the future "wheezy-backport" for the next
Nvidia-driver ?

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