Bug#696360: (no subject)

Mar Mel marmel6942 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 17:32:57 UTC 2012

I have upgraded the severity of this issue as it's causing massive system
instability and potential data loss.

Some further details of the problem:

* When the freeze occurs the mouse pointer is still movable. However, the
interface is non-responsive. It will accept neither mouse nor keyboard input.

* ~50% of the time I am able to switch to a virtual terminal and either restart
gnome-shell or at least safely restart the system. I always lose the data I'm
working on in this case

* When I am unable to switch to a tty, I am forced to REISUB. While this
emergency shutdown has been successful in restarting the system without a hard
power-off, it has caused my RAID set to go dirty and trigger a rebuild. I've got
my main data-store in a truecrypt volume mounted on a RAID-5 set. When my system
freezes, the truecrypt volume does not have an opportunity to unmount safely.

* I have tested the 304.64-2 driver from unstable and experienced the exact same
behavior of freezing. I also built a vanilla 3.4.24 kernel from upstream with
only the Wheezy config options and tested this using the Wheezy 304.48-1 driver.
The results were the same and I encountered the hard lockup requiring REISUB.

Please let me know what other information I can provide to help resolve this 
issue. Currently this compromises the stability of Wheezy as a platform.

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