RFS: nvidia-cg-toolkit (updated package)

Miguel Colon debian.micove at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 18:12:57 UTC 2012

>> There is the original maintainers git repository
>> http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/nvidia-cg-toolkit.git
>> but I doubt that is useful.
> It is the history of this package. We shouldn#t discard this.
> Do you have experience with git? If not, you should learn how to use it :-)

Yeah, I meant it as not useful as a place to use to store it since I
guess we don't have access to it. Also I'm used to git with
pristine-tar, the one I barely remember is svn.

> For integrating the new 3.1 upstream I cloned this repository to github:
> git://github.com/anbe42/nvidia-cg-toolkit.git
> and I plan to use this as a work-in-progress scratch area while we
> prepare 3.1. There is currently one branch prepare-3.1v1 where I
> "cleaned out" the old installer stuff.
> I don't plan to import the orig tarballs into git (unless someone shows me
> how pristine-tar can be used with multiple tarballs).
> I'd like to see your 3.1 changes split into a series of smaller
> patches/commits based on this, so that it's easier to review.
> Next parts should probably be
> * update debian/copyright
> * swicth to debhelper v9
> * switch rules to dh
> * split into 4 binary packages
> * rebuild 2 binaries
> * add manpages
> * add/update readme

* I just created a github account "micove". Should I fork it and send
pull request or do I get write access?
* I don't know how to import multiple sources or if it's even supported yet.
* I usually try to stick with 1 change per commit.

> Some comments on the current packaging from mentors.d.n:
> nvidia-cg-dev needs a
>  Conflicts: nvidia-cg-toolkit (<< 3)
> as there is a file conflict that cannot be resolved by a Replaces (as
> the old file is not under dpkg's control), I just managed to test an
> upgrade path which resulted in
>  debsums: missing file /usr/include/Cg/cg.h (from nvidia-cg-dev package)
>  debsums: missing file /usr/include/Cg/cgGL.h (from nvidia-cg-dev package)

I will check it out. Have not tested upgrade path since the install
script broke.

> Also it should be
>  Arch: i386 amd64  (is it useful anywhere else ?)
>  Multi-Arch: same
> and then the library deps can be simplified.
> Currently we have an Arch:all package that is uninstallable except
> on i386/amd64

I had it i386/amd64 but changed it to all to save space in the
archives. I actually prefer i386/amd64 since the deps are simpler and
the packages would be useless as you mentioned in other arch.

> You changed packaging license from GPL-2+ to GPL-3. Why? Why not 3+?

When I read the original copyright from 2.1.0017.deb1 it said

  This package does not contain any software provided by NVIDIA but just
  an installer (nvidia-cg-toolkit-installer) released under the term of the
  GNU GPL version 3. On a Debian system a full copy of the GPL version 3 is
  available from:


Since the original package mentioned GPL-3 for the script and nothing
about the debian/*, I made it GPL-3 when I created the new copyright
file. I'm not sure where it mentions GPL-2+.

> The README still mentions "installer"

Oh I missed that.

> The installer also installed Cg-2.1_February2009_LanguageSpecification.pdf
> - is this now included?

This was included in the Reference Manual from version 2.1 and an
updated version is still included in the current reference manual. I
could not find a pdf of that anymore for a recent version only this
http://http.developer.nvidia.com/Cg/Cg_language.html (verbatim copy is
already in the reference manual). I'm not sure why it was originally

> In which version did they change the license so that it allows
> redistribution?

The oldest source I could find was "Cg 2.1.0009 - August 2008 (beta)"
and from my understanding by reading the license.txt it allowed
redistribution of untouched binaries. I could not find a source where
it was not allowed so I'm not sure when it changed or if there was any
issue to begin with.

> unclean upgrade path on amd64, distupgrade squeeze->wheezy and running
> nvidia-cg-toolkit-installer -u leaves around
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 11296784 Feb 21 11:08 /usr/lib/libCg.so
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root   389000 Feb 21 11:08 /usr/lib/libCgGL.so
> (because /usr/lib64 no longer exists)

I will check this.

> nvidia-cg-toolkit: spelling-error-in-manpage
> => fix, don't override. these are not blobs.
> make this 2 commits: 1) import, 2) fix typos

Oh I did not know I could change their manpages. I thought I had to
rewrite the whole thing based on the reference manual to be able to
modify them. Glad I was wrong.


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