RFS: nvidia-cg-toolkit (updated package)

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Tue Feb 21 19:42:44 UTC 2012

On 2012-02-21 19:12, Miguel Colon wrote:
> Also I'm used to git with
> pristine-tar, the one I barely remember is svn.


> * I just created a github account "micove". Should I fork it and send
> pull request or do I get write access?

Fork it using the github interface and send a pull request via email.

> I will check it out. Have not tested upgrade path since the install
> script broke.

I tried this in a i386 chroot due to uninstallability in wheezy+/amd64:

apt-get install nvidia-cg-toolkit debsums $DEPS_OF_NEW_TOOLKIT_PACKAGE
dpkg -i --auto-deconfigure lib*.deb nvidia-cg-dev_*.deb \
    nvidia-cg-doc_*.deb nvidia-cg-toolkit_*.deb
debsums -c

> I had it i386/amd64 but changed it to all to save space in the
> archives. I actually prefer i386/amd64 since the deps are simpler and
> the packages would be useless as you mentioned in other arch.

Mailing lists archives need more space for the discussion of these
things :-)

>> You changed packaging license from GPL-2+ to GPL-3. Why? Why not 3+?
> file. I'm not sure where it mentions GPL-2+.
Correct, I mixed things up. It's GPL-3.

> The oldest source I could find was "Cg 2.1.0009 - August 2008 (beta)"
> and from my understanding by reading the license.txt it allowed
> redistribution of untouched binaries.

I'm not exactly sure about 2.1.0009, but license was changed in 2.1.0012
(and is unchanged since then).

> Oh I did not know I could change their manpages. I thought I had to
> rewrite the whole thing based on the reference manual to be able to
> modify them. Glad I was wrong.

  No Modification.  The SOFTWARE may be redistributed providing that
  distributed Cg compiler and runtime binaries are unmodified, except
  for decompression and compression.

I don't consider text files as "binaries".


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