OpenCL 1.2 headers package

Tomasz Rybak tomasz.rybak at
Tue May 8 19:53:23 UTC 2012

Sorry for repeat - I haven't got any response to the previous mail
so I am sending it again in case it got overlooked.

Patrick Matthäi uploaded fglrx 12-4 to unstable (thanks!) which add
OpenCL 1.2 implementation. I have just compiled PyOpenCL with
new amd-libopencl1 (1:12-4-1) and opencl-headers (1.2-2011.11.16-1)
and it works (both with NVIDIA and AMD drivers, using amd-libopencl1
1:12-4-1), providing OpenCL 1.2 support.
I think now it would be time to upload opencl-headers 1.2-2011.11.16-1
to unstable - unless there are some reasons not to do so.

Best regards.

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