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nvidia-settings (302.07-1) experimental; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.
    - Added a "CurrentMetaMode" attribute to the nvidia-settings command
      line, to query and set the current MetaMode.
      As an example, these two commands are equivalent:
        xrandr --output DVI-I-2 --mode 1280x1024 --pos 0x0 \
               --output DVI-I-3 --mode 1920x1200 --pos 1280x0
        nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode=\
                "DVI-I-2: 1280x1024 +0+0, DVI-I-3: 1920x1200 +1280+0"
    - Removed overscan compensation configurability from NV-CONTROL and
      nvidia-settings. This can be configured, with finer granularity,
      through the ViewPortIn and ViewPortOut MetaMode attributes.
      See "Configuring Multiple Display Devices on One X Screen" in the
      README for details.
    - Removed Flat Panel Scaling configurability in nvidia-settings.
      Any desired scaling can be configured through the new "ViewPortIn"
      and "ViewPortOut" MetaMode attributes.
    - Expose the following additional FSAA modes via NV-CONTROL,
      nvidia-settings, and through X visuals and GLXFBConfigs:
        16X multisample FSAA on all GeForce GPUs
        Coverage sample FSAA on G80 and above GeForce GPUs
        32X multisample FSAA on G80 and above Quadro GPUs
        64X multisample FSAA on Fermi and above Quadro GPUs
    - Added a new, higher resolution icon for nvidia-settings.
    - Added a checkbox to nvidia-settings to control the texture clamping
      attribute.  When the box is checked, OpenGL textures are clamped
      according to the OpenGL specification.  When it is unchecked, GL_CLAMP
      is remapped to GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE for borderless 2D textures.
    - Removed the "Display" and "X Screen" tabs from the "X Server Display
      Configuration Page" of nvidia-settings, and added a new "Selection"
      dropdown menu for selecting X screens or display devices.  This
      makes it easier to select X screens/Displays that are hidden.
  * Upload to experimental.
  * Drop patches 00_destdir, 03_build_xnvctrl_with_fpic: fixed upstream.
  * Refresh patches 04_link_as-needed, 06_fix_typos, 07_fix_hyphenation,
    10_libxnvctrl_so_0 and adjust for buld system changes.

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