Froeign-architecture installation of libgl1-nvidia-glx

Ralf Jung post at
Sun May 20 17:11:18 UTC 2012

Dear NVidia Debian maintainers,

I am currently playing around with multairch on my system, and to my surprise 
I actually got pretty far - I have a complete 32bit wine running on my amd64 
machine, based solely on multiarch, i.e. libc6-i386 is not installed.
For almost all of this, unstable is already far enough - the only problem is 
the installation of libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386, which is necessary for wine to get 
any 3D acceleration. This package depends on libxvmc1:i386, which is not yet 
multiarch-ready [1]. 
What's interesting however is that libgl1-nvidia-glx-ia32 just depends on 
ia32-libs, which does not contain xvmc. So GL acceleration previously worked 
without an i386 version of libxvmc. Would it be possible to arrange the 
dependencies in a way that this can still be done? I also tried to test xvmc, 
but it doesn't even seem to be supported on my NVidia card (GeForce 8500) [2].

Kind regards,


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