opengl man page ?

Andreas Beckmann debian at
Wed May 23 13:13:19 UTC 2012

On 2012-05-23 11:56, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
> hi there,
>   I am on my way to having the opengl API as debian package. See

Shouldn't that be an ITP by now?

>   I decided to put this package under the pkg-nvidia umbrella
> organisation as I saw there was another khronos package there. I am
> open to comments for this package, in particular the description and
> maybe convention for package name.

I chose the naming scheme of k-o-h for the following reasons:
There were several "providers" of these headers: Nvidia shipped (an
older and incomplete version) with their driver/toolkit, I expected AMD
to do the same with their driver or toolkit. License of these bundled
headers was unclear. But fortunately Khronosh published them as well
(and they would qualify for main) :-)
So I chose
  Source: <vendor>-<package>
  Package: <package>
to make it a bit more clear what the origin is (in the source name)
while using a generic name for the package that a user would be
interested in.
Similarly there are two binary-only (non-free) implementations of the
corresponding interface library: nvidia-libopencl1 and amd-libopencl1
that implement different versions of the spec (but the later version can
be used to replace the other one without problems) (and I hope that we
get some day a free one, too)

That said, I'm fine with your choice of package names.


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