Bug#649514: nvidia-cg-toolkit: should this package be orphaned?

Miguel A. Colón Vélez debian.micove at gmail.com
Thu May 24 17:20:02 UTC 2012

Hello all:

I'm late for an appointment but from a quick reading of the email

>I removed the Replaces as there were no file conflicts dpkg would have
>to handle. Breaks is sufficient to get rid of the old package.

This are needed for the ubuntu versions in maverick-oneiric. Also I
have to add the break/replace for the precise/quantal version. This
also provides limited support for the debs provided by NVidia. As per
an old open bug it seems that people may have installed the nvidia
debs since the package is basically a dinosaur.

>Please don't drop DMUA or trailing comma on Uploaders.

I dropped the DMUA since by the spirit of the DM rules that DMUA was
from the old maintainer for the old co-maintainer. It sort of
hijacking the old DMUA unless Russ adds it by himself. I remember some
issues about trailing commas so I removed it, I think Mathieu
mentioned an example .

Ok I have to go now since I'm really late now. I will try to comment
on the rest when I get back. Also, could the current github version be
merged already to git.d.o? Since it was already reviewed, It would be
easier to just merge it already since working on 1 repository is less


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