Bug#649514: nvidia-cg-toolkit: should this package be orphaned?

Miguel A. Colón Vélez debian.micove at gmail.com
Thu May 24 21:34:34 UTC 2012

> ok, master has been updated
> and my latest changes are on anbe/prepare-3.1v3

Oh ok thanks. Can I start commiting to git.d.o directly now?

>> I dropped the DMUA since by the spirit of the DM rules that DMUA was
>> from the old maintainer for the old co-maintainer. It sort of
>> hijacking the old DMUA unless Russ adds it by himself.

>I routinely add DUMA for all the NVIDIA packages, so I'm happy to add it
>back in or just bless having it be there.  (Hopefully Andreas will become
>a full DD at some point!)

Russ, since the changes got merged into git.d.o could you add the
blessing in the changelog.
Also I was planning to become a DM later on so I guess I should ask if
that blessing would also extend to me when that time comes :) or
should I ask later?


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