Bug#690315: nvidia-cuda-toolkit: version in backports doesn't work with libstdc++ in squeeze

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Fri Oct 12 20:26:17 UTC 2012

Version: 4.2.9-1~bpo60+2

On 2012-10-12 14:45, christian mock wrote:
> The squeeze-backports version of nvidia-cuda-toolkit doesn't actually
> work on a squeeze/squeeze-backports system because libcudart
> references symbols from a newer libstdc++.

Grrrr. This was only a warning in the build logs, not a failure. So I
didn't notice.

> Luckily, a simple replacement of the
> cudatoolkit_4.2.9_linux_64_ubuntu11.04.run with
> cudatoolkit_4.2.9_linux_64_ubuntu10.04.run (11.04 vs 10.04; and the
> same for the 32 bit versions) in the source package followed by a
> build produces a working package, so this is relatively easy to fix.

Well, we can't easily inject a new .orig.tar.gz into backports ... but
just replacing libcudart.so.4.2.9 with the one built on Ubuntu 10.04
works, too.

> You can verify whether it works or not by trying to compile the C
> samples from gpucomputingsdk_4.2.9_linux.run...



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