Bug#695548: nvidia-settings takes more than 1 minute to start

Vasilis Vasaitis vvasaitis at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 23:22:58 UTC 2013

  I, too, have encountered this problem. The cause of this symptom
(nvidia-settings taking too long to start) is easy enough to pinpoint.
Running it with strace shows that it gets stuck on this:

connect(6, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(6000),
sin_addr=inet_addr("X.X.X.X")}, 16

In other words, nvidia-settings tries to establish a TCP connection to
the X server, which is of course disabled on most modern Debian
systems, and for good reasons.

  Finding out why it does that is also not that difficult, turns out.
Examining ~/.nvidia-settings-rc, I came across lines such as:


Removing these makes nvidia-settings start instantly. But it writes
them out again when it exits and thus it delays again at startup the
next time around.

  I have version 304.64. I haven't yet tried a newer version to see if
the problem goes away. (The submitter has a slightly newer version


Vasilis Vasaitis
"A man is well or woe as he thinks himself so."

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