Bug#695883: OpenCL implementations are API and ABI compatible

Vincent Danjean vdanjean.ml at free.fr
Sun Jan 20 12:58:02 UTC 2013


> Well, I've found one more minor dependencies defect:
> 'nvidia-opencl-icd' depends just on 'libopencl1' virtual package
> (provided by 'amd-libopencl1', 'nvidia-libopencl1' and 'ocl-icd-libopencl1').
> Thus, I suggest replacing:
> Depends: libopencl1
> with
> Depends: nvidia-libopencl1 | libopencl1

Why to you want to propose this modification?

Bob, OpenCL implementation are API but also ABI compatible.
Why do you insist (695883, 695884, 698520) that each package from
each implementation prefers its own other packages? What is the
problem you are trying to solve?

In any case, all libopencl1 implementation are really similar. The
main difference I can see is that ocl-icd-libopencl1 is free.

And, to select a good opencl-icd, this have nothing to do with
package (pre)choices, but only with the hardware available on
the machine (and apt/dpkg cannot take decisions based on the
current hardware to my knowledge)


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