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Mon Nov 25 07:11:20 UTC 2013

> > It appears that adding a snippet of Xorg.conf in
> > (e.g. 99-nvidia-glx.conf) makes X aware of this other driver.
> Unfortunately this breaks the X configuration if nvidia-glx is installed
> but no hardware/kernel module is available.

I'm sure you will consider this idea out of whack, but what if there was a
simple init.d script that checked if nvidia driver as well as the hardware
are all present, and if so, created the appropriate, namespaced xorg.conf
file. Alternatively, it would remove it.

Something roughly like:

if ! nvidia_conditions_met; then rm $xorgconf; exit 0; fi 2>/dev/null
mkdir -p /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d
echo -e "# This file is deleted if CONDITIONS.
# Don't rely on it, don't modify. Create new one, warning, yadda yadda.
Section \"Device\"
    Identifier \"My GPU\"
    Driver \"nvidia\"

# Other convenient, gracefully-fallbacking config (like TwinView etc.)!
" > $xorgconf

And this init.d script conveniently provided by this (or a more
appropriate) package, with debconf option to disable it.

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