Bug#723733: Bug #723733 is a primus bug in Debian (not upstream)

Andreas Cadhalpun andreas.cadhalpun at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 6 16:56:03 UTC 2013

reassign 723733 primus 0~20130805-1
affects 723733 bumblebee
severity 723733 serious
notforwarded 723733
tags 723733 - upstream


I also have this problem (Intel HD + Nvidia Geforce GT 555M + bumblebee 
+ nouveau):

$ optirun glxgears
Error: nConfigOptions (11) does not match the actual number of options in
        __driConfigOptions (16).
driQueryOptioni: Assertion `cache->info[i].name != ((void *)0)' failed.

This is a bug in primus, since bumblebee works with virtualgl (not in 
Debian any more), but not with primus, as indicated in the following 
upstream bugs:

Furthermore these upstream bugs are closed, for the following reason 
stated by the developer amonakov ( 
https://github.com/amonakov/primus/issues/68#issuecomment-14456073 ):
     "I previously told that other people are not seeing this because 
Ubuntu enables assertions, but having looked at their debian/ files, I'd 
say it probably due to their patches."

Since Ubuntu does not apply any patches to the Debian package (at least 
they use a Debian version), this needs to be fixed in the 
Debian-specific patches applied to primus. Therefore forwarding is of 
little use here.

I'm setting the severity to serious, because this bug makes it 
impossible to use bumblebee/primus with nouveau.

Best regards,

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