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Alberto Milone alberto.milone at
Wed Sep 18 13:01:19 UTC 2013

On 17/09/13 18:04, Graham Inggs wrote:
> Hi Alberto / Andreas
> On 09/09/2013 14:03, Alberto Milone wrote:
>> On 29/08/13 10:42, Graham Inggs wrote:
>>> One solution is to separate libopencl1 out of the Nvidia and AMD
>>> drivers, however, since the open-source ocl-icd-libopencl1 is able to
>>> load all of the available ICDs, could we simply remove from
>>> the Nvidia and AMD drivers and no longer provide libopencl1?
>>> We must keep the Nvidia and AMD ICDs and continue to provide opencl-icd
>>> though.
>>> Regards
>>> Graham
>> Hi Graham,
>> Before I commit to anything, I'd like to discuss this with NVIDIA.
>> Cheers,
> @Alberto, don't do anything just yet.
> Since nvidia-cuda-toolkit 5.0.35-7 landed in Saucy this weekend and it
> is no longer co-installable with nvidia-319 and nvidia-319-updates.


> @Alberto, would you please reconsider splitting nvidia-libopencl1 and
> libcuda1 into separate packages?

Even if I changed my mind, it would be too late for this release cycle.

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