Bug#735424: nvidia-driver: New vesa test

Karsten Malcher debian at dct.mine.nu
Fri Jan 24 09:41:37 UTC 2014


Am 23.01.2014 13:14, schrieb Diederik de Haas:
> On Thursday 23 January 2014 12:37:29 Karsten Malcher wrote:
>> 2. Boot jessie, deinstall all Debian NVidia packages
> Instead of just deinstalling, I'd suggest purging the package(s), which also
> removes configuration files.
> Optionally you can also do the following to make sure all config files are
> indeed removed:
> - check /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ to see if there are any config files there (which
> could interfere)
> - run 'updatedb.mlocate' (as root)
> - run 'find -name *nvidia* -type f' (as root) to see whether there are still
> nvidia files on your system you'd like to get rid of
> Then reboot and install the nvidia driver
> HTH,
>    Diederik

I have purged all the packages.
But installation of the NVidia driver fails, because compilation does not work.
I atteched the logs.

The directory /usr/src/linux-headers-3.12-1-amd64 exists!
But only with 1,9 MB content?

I already run an package update.
I think there are some things really misconfigured and bad in jessie.

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