Availability of new nvidia package in Sid and Jessie?

Riot777 riot777 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 16:44:47 UTC 2014

Hello, first of all I would like to thank for your hard work all Debian
developers including the nvidia package devel team, for making such
incredible Linux distribution.
I would like to switch to Debian full time and use it as my stable daily
driver, I would like preferably use Jessie distribution for that scenario.
There's only one show stopper for me, graphics driver. I built fairly
modern PC, with Geforce GTX 750, the problem is that package available
in Sid or Jessie is not supporting my hardware (I need at least NVIDIA
334.16 Beta driver or current stable 334.21 from short lived branch), I
think that is common problem for everyone building new PC. I would like
to know if possible, is there any ETA on some more up to date driver
which will gonna add support for newer gfx cards from Nvidia? I know
that Debian use long lived branch, but support for the newer cards has
been added for my knowledge on the short lived branch, if there's not
any ETA is there any clean & lean "Debian way" of installing the driver
from Nvidia that you could recommend me, which will be clean enough for
the updated driver to actually upgrade my driver if there will be one
released from the Debian repositories in future?

Thank you for any assistance, live long and prosper!

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