Installation of 334.21 to support GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Benjamin Schieder benjamin at
Sun Mar 30 09:13:50 UTC 2014

Hello list.

I'm running Debian Sid on my laptop.

I have recently bought a GeForce GTX 750 Ti which is unsupported by the 
331.49 drivers.
Trying to install the 334.21 version of the official nvidia .run file 
obviously results in the message that this conflicts with the debian 

Now, I could just apt-get remove nvidia-installer-cleanup and install 
the official .run file, but:
I am using the card on a eGPU setup on a laptop, I still need to be able 
to switch betwee the nvidia module and the mesa module.
Currently I do this with this egpu initscript:
The script tries to find an nvidia card, and calls update-alternatives 
then either for nvidia or mesa and also updates the Xorg config file 

When I remove the nvidia-installer-cleanup package, I also lose the 
diversion for mesa and nvidia. Yet, I can't install the diversion 
without the nvidia driver packages.

Now the question is: Are you already working on the 334 driver version?
I have tried to update the packages myself, but not being a debian 
developer or package maintainer, I simply don't know where to start.
Or do you have another idea how I could solve this?

Kind regards,
Benjamin Schieder
Jabber: blindcoder at
Twitter: blind_coder

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