Bug#746643: OpenCL not supported by lastest NVIDIA driver

Pascal Obry pascal at obry.net
Fri May 2 08:58:53 UTC 2014

Package: nvidia-kernel-dkms
Version: 331.67-1

The nvidia-current-uvm.ko is not built and so OpenCL is not available
on GNU/Debian.

I'm using GNU/Debian unstable and kernel 3.14 (but I had the same
issue with 3.13).

Building nvidia-current-uvm.ko manually solves the issue. I have seen
this reported for
Ubuntu but not for Debian.

What I have done to fix the issue is:

# cd /usr/src/nvidia-current-331.67/
# vi dkms.conf

Add at then end:

> # uvm
> BUILT_MODULE_NAME[1]="nvidia-uvm"
> DEST_MODULE_LOCATION[1]="/updates/dkms"
> MAKE[0]+="; make -C uvm module KERNEL_UNAME=${kernelver} KBUILD_EXTMOD=${dkms_tree}/${PACKAGE_NAME}/${PACKAGE_VERSION}/build/uvm"
> CLEAN+="; make -C uvm clean"

# dkms remove nvidia-current/331.67 -k $(uname -r)
# dkms build nvidia-current/331.67

Then reboot, or:

# insmod /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/331.67/$(uname

Note that all the sources are already in Debian source package, just
that part of it is not built.

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