Bug#746643: OpenCL not supported by lastest NVIDIA driver

Alexander Inyukhin shurick at sectorb.msk.ru
Fri May 9 10:44:23 UTC 2014


I faced the same issue recently.

There are errors about symvers in dmesg, when I'm trying to load this module:

  [15681.806796] nvidia_uvm: no symbol version for nvUvmInterfaceChannelDestroy
  [15681.806799] nvidia_uvm: Unknown symbol nvUvmInterfaceChannelDestroy (err -22)

I think the reason for that is the missing versions of exported symbols in
the nvidia-current module.

As a workaround, the nvidia-uvm module can be loaded with --force-modversion

  modprobe --force-modversion nvidia-uvm

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