Bug#747837: nvidia-settings: upload to main

Vincent Cheng vcheng at debian.org
Mon May 12 01:32:16 UTC 2014

On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 6:20 PM, Michael Gilbert <mgilbert at debian.org> wrote:
> package: src:nvidia-settings
> severity: wishlist
> Hi, chromium currently uses an embedded copy of libxnvctrl, and I
> would prefer to link instead against a system version.
> I read through nvidia-settings copyright info, and it wasn't clear to
> me why the package is in contrib.  Would it be possible to move it to
> main?

AFAIK, this package is in contrib because nvidia-settings is useless
without the proprietary nvidia driver installed (nvidia-settings
certainly doesn't work with nouveau), which satisfies the definition
of "contrib" as per Policy 2.2.2.

However...I'd like to note here that I happen to be the maintainer of
conky, and linking against libxnvctrl was what prompted conky's move
from main to contrib, and subsequently the split into two separate
source packages (src:conky in main, src:conky-all in contrib),
documented in #579102 in all its gory details. If nvidia-settings were
to be moved to main, it would save me a lot of work (I would no longer
have to maintain two separate source packages for conky; one that
builds packages that links to libxnvctrl, and one that doesn't).


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