current nvidia status for jessie

Andreas Beckmann anbe at
Wed Oct 22 07:31:32 UTC 2014


I'll be travelling and offline until tomorrow evening - hopefully
nothing explodes :-)
By then, nvidia-cuda-toolkit and n-g-d-legacy-304xx should have migrated
to testing.

Vincent, I pushed some hardening fix for primus, but do not intend to
upload this myself. Do it if you think it is useful for jessie.

Another n-g-d-304xx upload is prepared to sync a bit more with mainline
n-g-d, will upload this once the current version has migrated.

Are there any further issues to be fixed for jessie? (Besides a new
upstream 340.xx release to fix their latest regressions ...)

For backports I'll wait for 340.46-3 to have migrated ...


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