Bug#749264: No nvidia-driver working

Karsten Malcher debian at home.decotrain.de
Sun Sep 21 12:03:44 UTC 2014

Hello Vincent,

thank you for your explanations!

I suggest to add them to the Debian Wiki, because this system is not explained there.
Shall i try to add it?

When you google for specific problems you will find to much wrong hints.
But here you see how many people have problems with this theme. ;-)

Am 21.09.2014 11:44, schrieb Vincent Cheng:
> It's no surprise that X won't load, given that you're trying to use
> the nvidia 304.xx driver series with hardware that doesn't support it.
>> O.K. - but why the 304.117 driver is installed when i install dkms?
>> It would be better that there is a dependency that announces a conflict when
>> i want to have a 173xx driver.
> Assuming you're just an uninformed user with no idea what dkms is and
> just want a working X server + nvidia driver...why would you care to
> install nvidia-kernel-dkms? All you would reasonably be expected to do
> is to run nvidia-detect and install whatever package it told you to
> install. Or if you were a new user with no knowledge of nvidia-detect,
> you would instead google for "nvidia debian" or similar, hit this wiki
> page [1] as your first search result, and then proceed to install the
> correct package.

I assumed i need the dkms package to automatically recompile the display driver.
Now i understand the differences.

>> As i have written nouveau failed because it does not support this hardware.
>> But the nouveau driver from Knoppix is doing it.
> Probably because Knoppix is using a newer kernel?

I think so (should be /kernel/ 3.0.4) - but this is not a big difference.
It is crazy that you need a newer kernel to support older hardware?
As i said - there are to much much dependencies that are not understandable.

>> Experiments with new kernels in an stable working environment is causing
>> more problems than solving it.
>> Then you have X but you loose sound or some interface hardware ...
> File bug reports against the kernel for specific issues. Also, you
> seem to have no issues using Knoppix (which AFAIK packages newer
> kernels than what is typically found in Debian stable...).

Yes - but AFAIK there are no AMD64 versions of it.
Debian has the best support for so many different CPU's.
That's one of many reasons to use it.
It is the base for so many other distributions.
So it would be wonderful if the X-problems could be minimized at the base.

Best regards

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/NvidiaGraphicsDrivers

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