Bug#761062: Upgrading from 304.117-1 to 340.32-1 with older graphics card leaves system without X Windows

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Wed Sep 24 21:36:10 UTC 2014

Marvin Renich <mrvn at renich.org> writes:

> I think what is needed is for nvidia-kernel-{legacy-.*}?dkms
> and nvidia-{legacy-.*}?driver to each have their own copy of the
> nvidia.ids file (4K).  Then, during preinst, check if the unpacked (new)
> version of that file contains the pci id for the GPU.  If it does,
> continue with the installation (the hardware is still supported).

You can't access files from your package during preinst.  preinst by
definition happens before you've been unpacked.  You'd have to embed the
list directly in the preinst script.

> One thing I am not sure about is whether the unpacked files are moved
> into their proper place in the file system before or after running the
> preinst script.


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