Nvidia Packaging

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Wed Sep 24 22:56:35 UTC 2014

[ dropping Ccs, I think everbody is subscribed to the list ]

On 2014-09-23 15:04, Graham Inggs wrote:
> On 23/09/2014 10:41, Graham Inggs wrote:
>> I've been unravelling some of the dependencies of nvvp, and should
>> have a patch for #761363 ready soon.
>> There are also some changes to the packaging I'd like to propose, so I
>> think it's best if I attach patches to the list so they can be discussed.
>> We should be able to upload 6.0 to unstable soon.
> I see Andreas pushed a fix for #761363

That fix is not yet sufficient ... but it needs all the fixes in 5.5, too.

> Remaining changes I want to suggest:
> 1. ship libcuinj{32,64}.so in nvidia-cuda-dev instead of libcuinj*
>     move breaks/replaces on libjcuinj* to nvidia-cuda-dev
> Reason: nvvp/nvprof haven't used libcuinj{32,64}.so since CUDA 4.1

was already prepared - but I stopped working and committing yesterday
due to a flaky network connection

> 2. upgrade recommends on ${package:libcuda1} to depends in nvidia-cuda-dev
> Reason: if an application builds using the CUDA driver API and needs to
> be linked to libcuda.so, it should be available

I don't remember why I had this as Recommends only ... but you are right
- libcuda.so should be available. Committed.

> 3. downgrade depends on nvidia-libopencl-dev | opencl-dev (or remove
> completely) in nvidia-cuda-toolkit


> Reason: is there any reason we need the opencl-dev stuff?

installing nvidia-cuda-toolkit should be equivalent to using the
upstream installer, i.e. opencl stuff is available

> Let me know if I can work on any of these and whether they are wanted in
> the 5.5 branch as well.

current Lintian throws a few more errors

E: nvidia-visual-profiler: description-is-pkg-name NVIDIA Visual Profiler
E: nvidia-cuda-gdb: description-is-pkg-name NVIDIA CUDA GDB
E: nvidia-cuda-toolkit: description-is-pkg-name NVIDIA CUDA toolkit

any suggestions how to "improve" the short descriptions?

W: nvidia-cuda-doc: embedded-javascript-library
please use libjs-jquery

E: nvidia-cuda-doc: privacy-breach-google-adsense

these two should be handled for 5.5, can you take a look?

and a very long list of two variants of privacy-breach-generic:

X: nvidia-cuda-doc: privacy-breach-generic

this one looks like a false positive, I filed #762753 against lintian

X: nvidia-cuda-doc: privacy-breach-generic

that one should be handled, too, maybe just deleting that line would suffice

and we should check all the other javascript stuff being shipped


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