splitting off nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-340xx

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Mon Aug 3 00:14:28 UTC 2015


I started picking some bits back into trunk targeting sid today. The
first bits (to branches/340) are non-intrusive bugfixes that I plan to
include in a possible security update for jessie (we needed such for
squeeze and wheezy ... so maybe jessie too), the second part to trunk is
more intrusive and won't hit jessie (except via backports).

The next bits I'll do are
* nvidia-detect updates
* renaming the nvidia-uvm.ko module

These shouldn't be cherry-picked into experimental until they are
finished and working. Especially for renaming the kernel module I could
need some help for testing that this works properly ...

Once all this is working and in sid, it will be easy to finally split
off the new 340xx legacy package (and upload newer releases to sid).

Regarding conftest.h: there shall be exactly one version being used for
all packages (current and legacy, sid and unstable), otherwise
maintaining it becomes even more hell :-)

Regarding patches: I usually don't refresh patches as long as they still
apply, that reduces the noise in the diff between branches (including
current vs. legacy).

The packages I uploaded today (source-only uploads are sufficient for
n-g-d) are currently stuck as BD-Uninstallable due to the ongoing
libstdc++ transition, that should resolve itself over the next days.


PS: @Luca: are you subscribed tp pkg-nvidia-devel@? So I can stop Cc:ing
you :-)

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