Bug#783770: Fwd: [Patch] Shall we update CUDA to 7.0.28 ? (#783770)

lumin cdluminate at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 05:11:34 UTC 2015

Hi doko,

FYI CUDA 7.0.28-1 is currently queued in NEW.


I plan to help updating cuda to 7.5 immediately after uploaded
CUDA 7.0, because in my former simple cuda compiler tests,
CUDA 7.0 still doesn't work well with GCC-5. 
(not working with gcc >> 4.10)
CUDA 7.5 unblocks one of my ITP BUG and resolves its FTBFS.

In a word I want to get CUDA 7.5 into Debian as soon as possible.
So doko, if your work on GCC depends on a specific CUDA version
(e.g. 7.0.*), please consider waiting for CUDA 7.5 .

I think we'd better have a discussion with anbe,
because I'm not familiar with nvidia packages upload schedule.

To anbe:

How do you think about this? 
Is it possible to bump CUDA version so fast?

It seems that the nvidia driver blocks CUDA as its dependency,
but, well, I can also offer help on corresponding packages if in need.

Thank you all :-)

On Thu, 2015-12-03 at 04:31 +0100, Matthias Klose wrote:
> any update on this? I'm interested to rely on this for some recent GCC 
> offloading technologies.
> Matthias

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