Bug#807148: glx-diversions: ffmpeg looks for libGL.so.1 while glx-diversions offers only libGL.so

Xinyue Lu i at 7086.in
Tue Dec 8 17:37:11 UTC 2015

This server (or say workstation) is pretty complicated. I run some
multimedia tools under command line, and also installed wine32 to
support running some 32-bit windows cli tools. The system was
installed as jessie and recently upgraded to stretch. I'm guessing
that i386 multi arch plus upgrading caused the issue, as my solution
was actually removing the glx-diversions:i386 package, which is a very
edge case for the system.

But from a user point of view, I'd say that, a library file will be
missing unless a package is removed, is not an expected behavior.
Generally I would accept 2 solutions, either *requires* one of these
packages instead of *suggests*, or keep the links of those libraries
untouched until we do have an alternative installed.

Since it's really an edge case, I'll not push you on this. But if
someone else hits the same problem, at least this thread will provide
a clue.


2015-12-08 12:21 GMT-05:00 Andreas Beckmann <anbe at debian.org>:
> On 2015-12-08 00:19, Xinyue Lu wrote:
>> I spend some time investigating this issues.
>> It turns out glx-alternative-{...} is not installed. That's why when I
>> remove glx-diversions the file went back.
> How did you get into this situation in the first place?
>> $ sudo aptitude install glx-diversions --without-recommends
> It that is the only way to reproduce this, I won't consider this as a bug.
> Andreas

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