thinking of use latest nvidia on wheezy

Ross Boylan rossboylan at
Thu Dec 31 21:01:01 UTC 2015

Hi, nvidia packagers.  Thanks for your work, and happy new year.

I have a 980 Ti that I would like to use at a higher resolution than
1024x768.  My amd64 system is running wheezy.  Any tips on getting
this to work?  If it won't work, that would be a useful tip too.

I was thinking of combing the latest sources from nvidia, which seem
to be 352.63,* with the Debian packaging.  I see on that getting
things working even on jessie has been difficult.

I'm also unclear where the project repository is. and
messages on this list suggest it's in subversion, but
indicates using git.

I'm not a DD, and only want read access.

I suppose I could just execute the installer from nvidia, but then I'd
have no control over what it did and, I suspect, no reliable way to
back it out.

Ross Boylan

* Though I notice branches for 355 and 358 in the repo.

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