Bug#790809: Please enable ARM64 support

Martin Michlmayr tbm at hp.com
Thu Jul 2 01:20:30 UTC 2015

* Vincent Cheng <vcheng at debian.org> [2015-07-01 14:17]:
> This package is dependent on the proprietary nvidia driver, and
> upstream currently only releases it for i386, amd64, and armhf
> (armv7l) [1]. I don't think there's any point in building
> nvidia-settings on arm64 until upstream also releases the
> corresponding arm64 version of their proprietary driver.

Thanks for the link.  I didn't know where to check to see whether
aarch64/arm64 binaries were available already.  I know that Tegra
arm64 with Nvidia graphics is shipping already, but not sure about the

In any case, feel free to close the bug report, or to leave it open
until there are upstream drivers.

Martin Michlmayr
Linux for HP Helion OpenStack, Hewlett-Packard

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