squeeze update of libvdpau?

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Mon Sep 7 19:21:53 UTC 2015

Hi Luca and Vincent,

thanks fo handling the libvdpau security updates while I was on holidays!

Some nitpicking:
* the branches should be called $DISTRO, not $DISTRO-security (these
uploads will end up in $DISTRO at some point release regardless of the
upload queue being used (security or pu)) (with the exception of
squeeze-lts which is a "partial" (add-on) distro like $DISTRO-backports)
* if you update the Uploaders (not neccessary as Vincent already wrote),
copy the entry from sid
* if you are going to update the metadata, you could update Vcs-* as
well (copy the URLs from sid and append '-b <$BRANCH>' with the
respective branch to Vcs-Git)
* don't forget to update 'debian-branch' in d/gbp.conf, too
* for Uploaders I generally prefer a trailing comma after the last entry
since appending another one results in a smaller diff (+ vs. -++)
but some people might disagree here

* for tagging I'd prefer the actual uploader to create and sign the tag
at uploading time but to only push the tag once the upload was accepted
into the archive (especially for things going through NEW that could get
rejected). This comes with a small risk of forgetting to push the tag
... happens to me as well :-)
(you cannot "update" git tags after they were were published in a
deterministic fashion, but you could easily delete and redo a local
(unpublished) tag)

Regarding testing libvdpau: you should be able to test the libvdpau from
squeeze(-lts) with any driver from jessie or wheezy (but probably not
from stretch any more).


PS: Now going to look at what the new driver releases brought ...

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