squeeze update of libvdpau?

Vincent Cheng vcheng at debian.org
Wed Sep 9 05:31:04 UTC 2015

On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 12:21 PM, Andreas Beckmann <anbe at debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Luca and Vincent,
> thanks fo handling the libvdpau security updates while I was on holidays!

Hope you enjoyed your break!

> Some nitpicking:
> * the branches should be called $DISTRO, not $DISTRO-security (these
> uploads will end up in $DISTRO at some point release regardless of the
> upload queue being used (security or pu)) (with the exception of
> squeeze-lts which is a "partial" (add-on) distro like $DISTRO-backports)
> * if you update the Uploaders (not neccessary as Vincent already wrote),
> copy the entry from sid
> * if you are going to update the metadata, you could update Vcs-* as
> well (copy the URLs from sid and append '-b <$BRANCH>' with the
> respective branch to Vcs-Git)
> * don't forget to update 'debian-branch' in d/gbp.conf, too
> * for Uploaders I generally prefer a trailing comma after the last entry
> since appending another one results in a smaller diff (+ vs. -++)
> but some people might disagree here

IMHO (since we're nitpicking and all right now), I think uploads to
-security, -pu, and -backports shouldn't have any metadata changes at
all, just the bare minimal diff that's required to fix whatever bug
we're trying to squash. I know that the security and release teams get
frustrated when reviewing diffs that have unrelated changes, and
there's always the slight risk of introducing a regression with
unrelated changes...but the security team already ACK'ed Luca's
debdiffs, so no harm done I suppose. :)


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