Bug#798368: transition: nvidia-cuda-toolkit

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Sun Sep 13 19:42:11 UTC 2015

On 2015-09-08 21:06, Julien Cristau wrote:
> On Tue, Sep  8, 2015 at 15:20:25 +0200, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
>> The other packages are in contrib and need sourceful uploads (or at
>> least manual binNMUs) since they cannot be built on the buildd network
>> (B-D on non-free)
> Are there bugs filed for those?

No bugs filed, no bugs needed.

* nvidia-cuda-toolkit needs to disable an overly strict compiler version
check in a header to allow usage with gcc 5, fixed in SVN

* pycuda has a new upstream release prepared and tested, ready to be
uploaded to sid after cuda 6.5 (this will stop building curand bindings
on i386 since they are no longer supported by 32-bit cuda 6.5)
This will also switch to boost 1.58.

* starpu-contrib/hwloc-contrib/eztrace-contrib have been tested to build
with cuda 6.5 and gcc 5 (after the header fix), manual binNMUs will be
built by either Samuel (the maintainer) or myself.


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