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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 20:58:29 +0200
Source: nvidia-graphics-drivers
Binary: nvidia-driver nvidia-driver-bin xserver-xorg-video-nvidia libgl1-nvidia-glx libgl1-nvidia-glx-i386 libegl1-nvidia libgles1-nvidia libgles2-nvidia libnvidia-eglcore nvidia-alternative nvidia-kernel-dkms nvidia-kernel-source nvidia-vdpau-driver nvidia-smi nvidia-cuda-mps libcuda1 libcuda1-i386 libnvidia-compiler libnvcuvid1 libnvidia-encode1 libnvidia-ifr1 libnvidia-fbc1 libnvidia-ml1 nvidia-opencl-common nvidia-opencl-icd nvidia-libopencl1 nvidia-detect
Architecture: source
Version: 340.93-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian NVIDIA Maintainers <pkg-nvidia-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Andreas Beckmann <anbe at debian.org>
 libcuda1   - NVIDIA CUDA Driver Library
 libcuda1-i386 - NVIDIA CUDA 32-bit runtime library${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 libegl1-nvidia - NVIDIA binary EGL libraries${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 libgl1-nvidia-glx - NVIDIA binary OpenGL libraries${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 libgl1-nvidia-glx-i386 - NVIDIA binary OpenGL 32-bit libraries${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 libgles1-nvidia - NVIDIA binary OpenGL|ES 1.x libraries${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 libgles2-nvidia - NVIDIA binary OpenGL|ES 2.x libraries${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 libnvcuvid1 - NVIDIA CUDA Video Decoder runtime library
 libnvidia-compiler - NVIDIA runtime compiler library
 libnvidia-eglcore - NVIDIA binary EGL core libraries${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 libnvidia-encode1 - NVENC Video Encoding runtime library
 libnvidia-fbc1 - NVIDIA OpenGL-based Framebuffer Capture runtime library
 libnvidia-ifr1 - NVIDIA OpenGL-based Inband Frame Readback runtime library
 libnvidia-ml1 - NVIDIA Management Library (NVML) runtime library
 nvidia-alternative - allows the selection of NVIDIA as GLX provider
 nvidia-cuda-mps - NVIDIA CUDA Multi Process Service (MPS)
 nvidia-detect - NVIDIA GPU detection utility
 nvidia-driver - NVIDIA metapackage${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 nvidia-driver-bin - NVIDIA driver support binaries${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 nvidia-kernel-dkms - NVIDIA binary kernel module DKMS source${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 nvidia-kernel-source - NVIDIA binary kernel module source${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 nvidia-libopencl1 - NVIDIA OpenCL ICD Loader library
 nvidia-opencl-common - NVIDIA OpenCL driver
 nvidia-opencl-icd - NVIDIA OpenCL installable client driver (ICD)
 nvidia-smi - NVIDIA System Management Interface
 nvidia-vdpau-driver - Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix - NVIDIA driver
 xserver-xorg-video-nvidia - NVIDIA binary Xorg driver${nvidia:LegacyDesc}
 nvidia-graphics-drivers (340.93-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream legacy 340xx branch release 340.93 (2015-09-02).
     - Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if an OpenGL application
       tried to allocate a drawable when GPU-accessible memory is exhausted.
     - Fixed a bug that could cause an Xid error when terminating a video
       playback application using the overlay presentation queue in VDPAU.
     - Fixed a rare deadlock condition when running applications that use
       OpenGL in multiple threads on a Quadro GPU.
     - Fixed a bug which caused truncation of the EGLAttribEXT value returned
       by eglQueryDeviceAttribEXT() on 64-bit systems.
     - Fixed a kernel memory leak that occurred when looping hardware-
       accelerated video decoding with VDPAU on Maxwell-based GPUs.
     - Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if a RandR 1.4 output
       provided by a Sink Output provider was selected as the primary output on
       X.Org xserver 1.17 and higher.
     - Fixed a bug that caused waiting on X Sync Fence objects in OpenGL to
       hang indefinitely in some cases.
     - Fixed a bug that prevented OpenGL from properly recovering from
       hardware errors or sync object waits that had timed out.
     * Improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels.
   * fixes-for-kernel-4.0.0.patch: Remove, fixed upstream.
   * conftest.h:
     - Implement new conftest.sh function nvidia_grid_build (352.41).
   * Update lintian overrides.
   * nvidia-driver-bin, libnvidia-compiler, libnvidia-eglcore: Add
     Provides+Conflicts: $pkg-${nvidia:Version} to forbid co-installation with
     the respective legacy packages from the same upstream version due to file
     conflicts on versioned files.
   * bug-script: Report file information in arm-linux-gnueabihf directories.
   * bug-script: Collect information from /etc/modules{,-load.d/}.
   * nvidia-driver: Add Recommends: nvidia-persistenced.
 49f8fdda94996302b6fee886db7a59ee7e7825c8 4432 nvidia-graphics-drivers_340.93-1.dsc
 63fd1787d6ff9a6ed1307015eb050e33536d33bd 131893148 nvidia-graphics-drivers_340.93.orig.tar.gz
 10747432e48b69b2193f7859608574bc35d71213 122256 nvidia-graphics-drivers_340.93-1.debian.tar.xz
 8654bd63d6b61dce18cd68d141594318112c104e080cb7f295f6d2b81576ea19 4432 nvidia-graphics-drivers_340.93-1.dsc
 cb77bd1615d4ea0af9be7160a8c39b2a7b9c86e7fae16bc5f520bc6dcdb071e4 131893148 nvidia-graphics-drivers_340.93.orig.tar.gz
 32bb14887bae214ee10f3527f6f7461aad78cc4e8899d8b8e48acba3b13c6050 122256 nvidia-graphics-drivers_340.93-1.debian.tar.xz
 f9ea7612fd7ba31fbde74eae7e90c103 4432 non-free/libs optional nvidia-graphics-drivers_340.93-1.dsc
 b03a156887bb865d2cfac8c1a4fbb9c8 131893148 non-free/libs optional nvidia-graphics-drivers_340.93.orig.tar.gz
 4e68ddd74880a0e4a8c000e96b9fca15 122256 non-free/libs optional nvidia-graphics-drivers_340.93-1.debian.tar.xz

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