Bug#799948: glx-diversions: gdm also crashes

Ara Keary ara.keary at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 14:25:20 UTC 2015

> To solve the problem I had to revert back to glx-diversions 0.5.1.
> But in order to do so, it _seemed_ that I also had to downgrade the
> driver package(s). I may have been wrong about that because I was working
in a
> (to me) limited console, whereas I normally do it in Konsole where I can
> much more and can (easily) scroll back to see all the output.
Indeed, reverting glx-diversions 0.5.1 requires reverting nvidia-... to
340.93-1 and solves the problem.
However, reverting nvidia-... to 340.93-1 but keeping glx-diversions to
0.6.0 does not solve it – which gives some evidence that glx-diversions
0.6.0 is the culprit.

You can try to kill gdm from a root text console and launch X through the
startx command from your user text console : then gdm should start without
crashing. It thus seems that this is in the very first stages of gdm
launching that the issue arises.

Hoping this helps ; i can't find other interesting log files than syslog
and messages, tell me if i should look another one.


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