Bug#799960: nvidia-graphics-drivers: Please bring back support for -amd64 kernel variant in i386 architecture

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Wed Sep 30 16:41:58 UTC 2015

On 2015-09-27 15:04, Beck, Andre wrote:
> Dear Maintainers,
> please note that
>  * nvidia-kernel-*: [i386] Drop support for building amd64 kernel modules.
> from 340.76-5 also hits 340.76-5~bpo8+1 from jessie-backports, which
> might be considered a regression. In my case, I was running 340.76-2
> (manually "backported" to jessie from unstable, meaning I just built
> it there) and was hit (dkms module build failing) when I tried to upgrade
> that to 340.76-5. At the time I didn't identify the culprit was just this
> change.
> Is there any significant technical issue that made the change necessary?

An -amd64:i386 kernel no longer exists in sid, so that is no longer
needed. The backported driver was primarily intended to add support for
the new kernel in backports, and that shouldn't have an -amd64:i386
flavor either.

I'll try to remember to add back the support in the next backport. It's
a trivial change :-)


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